SMT Magazine October 2015 Issue Out Now

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The October 2015 issue of the SMT Magazine, which highlights different strategies and technology developments aimed at reducing cycle times in the electronics assembly processes, is out now.

In this issue, you may find the best methods to use and the best practices that you can apply in your assembly lines to further improve your efficiencies, increase productivity and go to market faster. The October 2015 issue also features different industry executives sharing their insights and experiences in tackling cycle time reduction issues.

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Focus on the New

01/05/2018 | Stephen Las Marias, I-Connect007
It seems like it wasn't too long ago when I was writing about the optimism of the electronics manufacturing and assembly industry going into 2017. Now, here we are again at the beginning of the new year, looking at new trends, disruptive technologies, and emerging markets for 2018. I am also proud to announce our new branding as well as our fresh, new look.

The Industry Speaks

08/23/2016 | Stephen Las Marias, I-Connect007
In the latest issue of SMT Magazine, we take a pause from covering the latest technology trends, challenges, and solutions in the electronics manufacturing and assembly industry. Instead, we are focusing on our readers—to give a voice to their thoughts on the industry, companies, jobs, interests, and even pain points when it comes to their respective specialties.

Improving Test and Inspection

07/05/2016 | Stephen Las Marias, I-Connect007
In our recent survey on PCBA test and inspection challenges, respondents consider the following to be among their biggest problems: probing to narrower traces and pads; testing boards with smaller and finer features and sizes; dry solder and other solder-related issues; finding sublayer defects; dealing with flat, no-lead components; and testing cycle time. This month, we look into different PCBA test and inspection strategies that address the key challenges in today’s electronics manufacturing and assembly environment.

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